Hollywood screenwriter Shane Black is fighting back against his ex-girlfriend's accusations of drug-fuelled abuse, insisting she made up the allegations and sued him after he refused to hand over a $1.5 million (£1.02 million) bribe.
Sonya Popovich filed suit against Black, who wrote films such as Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, in February (09), claiming the writer repeatedly kicked, punched and choked her while they were dating back in 2006.
She further alleges that on one occasion, a cocaine-fuelled Black placed a gun in his mouth and threatened to commit suicide - before pointing it in her direction and shooting the wall.
But Black has blasted the allegations and is countersuing Popovich, claiming she is the one with the cocaine addiction and violent temper.
In legal papers filed in a Los Angeles court in March (09), Black accuses Popovich of smashing a glass vase against his head in one drug-fuelled rage, while hitting and scratching him on other occasions.
He also claims his former lover once got so high on cocaine, she lay "on the floor and began cutting her own arms and legs with broken glass."
And Black insists the legal action is her attempt to scam money from him after her lawyers sent a draft of the lawsuit to the star, "demanding that Black pay $1,500,000 to Popovich if Black wanted to avoid a 'sordid public trial," reports TMZ.com.