Shane Black is to direct a reboot of 'Predator'.

The 'Iron Man 3' director has been called in to pen the treatment for the movie and will oversee the screen writing after handing it over to his friend Fred Dekker - with whom he co-wrote the comedy-horror 'Monster Squad' in 1987.

Black will be joined on the project by the original picture's producer John Davis, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The action sci-fi - which originally starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura - follows a group of commandos through the jungle as they are stalked by a vicious alien.

Black himself had a minor role in the 1987 film after producers attempted to persuade him to take a look at the script and improve it.

Meanwhile, the 'Lethal Weapon' creator is currently in the process of casting his latest flick 'The Nice Guys', a 1970's crime drama, with Hollywood legends Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling rumoured to be set to appear.

Black is also developing a movie version of the 1930's Pulp magazine character 'Doc Savage' for Sony and recently met with 'Thor' actor Chris Hemsworth to discuss the starring role.