Shakira has such a close relationship with her father, she worries fans will think she suffers an Oedipus complex about him.

The Colombian singer inherited her poetic nature from her Lebanese dad William and the pair recite Psalm 91 from the bible together before each of her performances - "for protection, to have the courage to kill the bull, to kill the monster... to please the monster as well".

She wrote her first song, aged eight, about her father's sunglasses - TUS GAFAS OSCURAS (YOUR DARK GLASSES) - and still lives close to both her parents in Miami, Florida.

And Shakira remains greatly thankful for the way her dad encouraged her to write and sing.

She says, "My dad taught me to appreciate the beauty of words, the aesthetics of a good poem, a good book, a good story.

"People are gonna think I have an Oedipus complex. I think every kid at some time in their life starts creating songs in their mind, they just don't get encouraged to do it in a serious way."

27/06/2005 09:30