Colombian beauty Shakira is planning a full-force comeback, by releasing two albums before the end of the year (05).

The WHENEVER, WHEREVER singer is currently recording the follow-up to her 2001 English-language debut album LAUNDRY SERVICE, and decided to record two discs instead of one when she realised she had written some 60 songs.

The curvaceous Latina has narrowed the selection down to 20, putting her Spanish-language songs on FIJACION ORAL 1, which will hit stores on 7 June, and her English-language tracks on ORAL FIXATION 2, which is set to be released in November.

She explains of the album titles, "The stage at which human beings are the most orally fixated is the first stage of our lives, which is the most elementary, the most instinctive, the most primitive.

"I think I'm still in that stage, especially at this moment because I feel the most in touch with that animalistic aspect within me."

08/04/2005 19:14