Shakira's former boyfriend has been denied access to her bank account.

The 'Hips Don't Lie' singer is being sued for $250 million by Antonio De La Rua, who claims he was not only her lover but business adviser during their 11-year relationship and is entitled to a cut of her fortune but a judge in Geneva has rejected an application for him to access one of her accounts.

The judge insisted there is not enough evidence to prove the pair had a professional agreement and insisted Shakira is the sole owner of the account.

Shakira recently insisted she can prove Antonio's allegations are false by providing emails in which he renounced any involvement in her business interests.

In the correspondence, submitted to Los Angeles County Superior Court, Antonio allegedly wrote: ''I am not a partner in any of your companies. You are the sole owner of all of them.''

Shakira says the email is dated to 2011 - a year before her ex-boyfriend filed his multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Antonio, who is the son of former Argentine president Fernando de la Rua, is suing Shakira on the basis that they made an oral agreement in 2004 promising him a stake in her fortune.

However, in court documents filed by the 36-year-old star, she claims the couple signed a 'relationship contract' in 2006 in which both parties agreed to ''renounce'' any rights to each other's future earnings.

Antonio alleges he was one of Shakira's business partners, as well as an adviser and strategist in her career, and helped build the ''Shakira brand''.

He also takes credit for talking the songstress into recording her global hit 'Hips Don't Lie' - which she initially ''hated'' - and says he helped put together her $300 million touring deal with Live Nation.

'The Voice' coach continued to work with Antonio in a business capacity following their split in 2010, but ended their working relationship in 2011.