Industrious pop star Shakira is hoping the new year (06) will see a more relaxed pace of life - despite plans to embark on a massive tour.

The UNDERNEATH YOUR CLOTHES singer admits the past 12 months have been more hectic than she would like, and has promised to overhaul her work schedule to make way for other interests.

But she may have set herself an impossible task as she continues to busily promote new album ORAL FIXATION, VOL 2, which recently scooped a Grammy nomination for best Latin rock/alternative album.

She says, "I want to modify certain things in my life. For example, the pacing and the rhythm of the way I handle my career, just how I take things so intensely - that I work more hours than I should be working.

"Next year of course I'll be on tour, but I just want to find some balance in my life."