Shakira is backtracking on remarks she made about her "territorial" boyfriend Gerard Pique, insisting she was only joking about her man's video ban.

The pop star recently opened up to Billboard magazine and revealed the Spanish soccer star had told her she could no longer appear in sexy videos with men, but now Shakira has taken to her to clarify her comments.

She writes, "I recently said in some interviews that my man could be territorial. For the record, I was being humorous and now I see that some press took it very literally!

"The reality is that we have a beautiful relationship of mutual trust, and jealousy has never been an issue on either side.

"Next time I promise, I’ll be more careful when attempting to use my sense of humour, as clearly it can be easily misinterpreted!"

Shakira made the comments in response to questions about her Can't Remember to Forget You promo with Rihanna, which features the two sexy singers rolling around on a bed together wearing only lingerie.

The Hips Don't Lie singer suggested she would only be making videos with women due to her boyfriend's ban.