Shakira has announced a new single.

The 39-year-old singer will release the track 'Chantaje' featuring urban superstar Maluma and revealed the news after sharing a number of clues on Instagram and inviting her fans to guess.

She wrote: ''I hope you guys been paying attention to the clues I've been posting today. I will send a DM to one of the first to correctly guess the name of my new single and the artist I've collaborated with. Post your guesses in the comments below, and keep an eye on your Insta inbox... (sic)''

The first clue featured Shakira holding a rabbit and a magician's wand, while the second was a selfie taken in front of a white board with a drawing of a crown and a list of cities. She captioned it: ''Selfie of the day. Nothing special or maybe?''

And the third and final clue showed Shakira holding up a posted featuring a picture of Alejandro Sanz + TA + G.

After a fan successfully put the clues together, Shakira explained why she chose them.

She wrote: ''Magic was the name of my first album ever and also Maluma's. The crown is Maluma's tattoo. And lastly, 'Chan' is Alejandro Sanz's nickname, plus you add the 'TA' and the G sound at the end.''