Shakira lives her life like a "gypsy".

The sexy singer - who is engaged to lawyer Antonio de la Rua - is unable to settle in one place because her work commitments take her all over the world so she is always on the move.

Talking about her new single, 'Gypsy', she said: "It's how I live my life, like a nomad. Ever since I became famous, I'm constantly travelling, which is great as I get to see so many different cultures and traditions. But I definitely live like a gypsy!"

For the 'Gypsy' video, Shakira asked tennis champion Rafael Nadal to star alongside her because he can relate to her travelling lifestyle.

She added: "I wanted someone I identified with and knew what it was like to constantly travel the world. Nadal is like me, he started his career young, has fought battles and moves around from place to place. Also it helps that he is good-looking as that makes it nicer for me!"