Shailene Woodley uses her flip phone as a ''social experiment''.

The 'Big Little Lies' star still uses a classic flip phone to communicate with her loved ones, and although she does have an iPhone for accessing the internet, she's said texting and calling on a flip phone in today's society has left a lot of people ''shocked''.

When asked about her flip phone, she said: ''I have both. I have an iPhone still, because it'll work in wifi and it's just easier to text on, but I have a flip phone and that's how I communicate. My iPhone has no data.''

And asked if people always stop to ask her about her unconventional phone choice, she added: ''It's actually a really good social experiment, because a lot of people don't notice. And it's a way for me to say this is why I wanted a flip phone because we don't notice each other any more. The people who do notice are shocked. I mean they literally ask me 'Are you using a flip phone' and I'm like, 'You can see that I am'. It's obvious. But I think it's such a shocking gesture or activity for someone to have a flip phone.''

But the 27-year-old actress says texting on the old school device is tricky, because the phone has a traditional keypad, with multiple letters on each button.

Shailene can still communicate with her fellow iPhone users through her smartphone, but says she's resorted to using acronyms such as BRB and LOL to make texting easier.

Speaking during an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', the 'Divergent' star said: ''My friends who don't have iPhones, which is a lot of people, you know. Samsung's a thing too, apparently. You have to text them on the flip phone, and it's ... I'm back to doing BRB, TTYL, LOL.''