Actress Shailene Woodley has opened up about the teen torment that left her running home from school daily in tears.
The Descendants star was a late developer who grew up naturally thin, prompting her curvy peers to mercilessly poke fun at her.
She tells Seventeen magazine, "I've always been thin - no matter what I ate, I couldn't gain weight. And, as I got to high school and the girls around me developed breasts and hips, I felt even more insecure about my kid-ish figure.
"Freshman year, upperclassmen would call me anorexic, so I'd go home and cry, wishing really hard for the curves to appear."
The 20 year old, who has since learned to love her body, is now encouraging fans not to buy into bullying.
She adds, "Those girls and guys made me feel like something was wrong with me! But now I realise something was wrong with them. Saying 'You're so skinny' to a girl who was born with that body can be just as hurtful as calling someone fat. Both comments reduce people to what they look like, and that's just not fair. We're all different."