Shailene Woodley only wears used clothes.

The 'Divergent' actress is a self-confessed environmentalist and insists on wearing second hand garments such as organic leggings when she isn't working.

She said: ''I exclusively buy used clothes. I'm going to be a citizen of this planet, and I'm going to do my responsibility and live in stride with nature instead of constantly fighting against her.''

However, when it comes to her career, the 22-year-old actress admits she has a whole different wardrobe which includes designer outfits.

Shailene explained: ''If I was to show up wearing my five-toe shoes, my Melodia organic leggings and some hippie top, no one is going to take me seriously. When I go on a red carpet, I'm Shailene, but I'm also Shailene representing a movie. I'm there for my boss, for my employer, so part of that comes with wearing the uniform.''

The young starlet is less likely to be seen adorned in lavish jewellery and prefers a minimal number of accessories.

Among her favourite items is a Navajo pendant, which she claims helps her feel grounded in the glitz-and-glamour of Hollywood.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: ''It's my way of just recognising spirit - as hippie as that may sound - in an industry where sometimes materialism is the main focus. It's kind of my way of grounding and remembering what's important to me.''