Shailene Woodley is feeling broody.

The 'Big Little Lies' star - who plays single mum Jane Chapman in the television show - is ready to become a mother in real life after portraying one on screen.

She told Women's Wear Daily, she said: ''The best thing about playing a mom on TV is you get to send the kids home at the end of the day with their real parents ... It's great, but I want little babies so bad now.''

Shailene previously admitted she is unsure about settling down because she has a ''vagabond spirit'' and doesn't think she will ever change her lifestyle.

She said: ''To know you have a home is grounding and centring, but I don't know where I want that to be. Even with a husband and kids and home, I'll always travel. I'll always have that vagabond spirit ... I'll always be a vagabond of sorts, but as you get older, things like family become really important.''

The 27-year-old actress previously admitted she doesn't consider acting to be her ''career'' as regards acting as a passion instead.

She shared: ''My end goal as a kid was to be a teacher and act during my summer breaks. When I was seven, I said: the day I'm on the cover of a magazine I'll quit. When I was around ten, I said: the day it becomes my career I'll quit.

''Even though I do interviews and I'm on magazines, I don't think of it as a career. I won't do a movie unless I get butterflies. If the passion's not there, you're taking up a role someone else would have been better in. That's the beautiful thing about life. You can curate it how you want to.''