Shailene Woodley ''lost a few friends'' after getting rid of her smartphone.

The 'Big Little Lies' star swapped her iPhone for an old Motorola flip phone and she feels it has been better for her own productivity levels.

She said: ''I found myself in Ubers, on the metro, at restaurants, looking at old photos and old emails, not being productive. I hated it. Now, I'm far more present. I've lost a few friends, but I guess they weren't real friends. I'm not a great communicator. I disappear. I know that doesn't work for a lot of people. You quickly find out.''

And the 27-year-old actress says she is ''allergic to small talk''.

She added: ''I'm allergic to small talk. I don't need to know you didn't brush your teeth this morning. For thousands of years humans existed without constant communication. It overwhelms my emotional body. We have enough s**t to deal with.''

Shailene doesn't want to settle anywhere in particular and loves being able to travel around and be ''transient''.

She told The Sunday Times' Style magazine: ''Two weeks in one place and I'm like, 'Where am I going next?' I want a family and roots, but there's a way to do that while still being transient.''

Meanwhile, Shailene previously insisted she doesn't feel any pressure to ''fit into any world'' and is just happy to focus on her art.

She said: ''There isn't so much about the way that I look at my career that is calculated. I don't feel like I've got to fit into any world. I mean, I'm an artist and I create, I make movies, or I make characters come to life and that's my world. My world is the art.''