Shailene Woodley thinks hugging trees makes her beautiful.

The 'Divergent' actress has shared her pearls of wisdom about following an eco-friendly beauty regime, encouraging people to become at one with nature and indulge in her favourite activity, tree-hugging, in order to achieve a naturally radiant glow.

She told E! Online: ''Walk barefoot in a park. Hug a tree. This always helps me get out of my mind and when I'm out of my mind my natural glow is allowed reveal itself.''

Shailene rarely uses soap and prefers to dry brush as she shuns artificial products in her quest to be green and lead a holistic lifestyle.

She enthused: ''Use soap sparingly. Try a dry brush instead and in moments you're feeling really dirty, use natural, simple ingredient soap. Nothing artificial.''

The star believes comparisons to other ideals of beauty are worthless and the best tip she can give girls is to embrace themselves fully, flaws and all.

The 22-year-old nature lover said: ''You do you, baby! That's the number one beauty secret of all time. Don't compare. Leave it all behind. Compare leads to despair. Love yourself. All of your ticks, quirks and bizarre smirks.

''Love it all. Embrace it. The moment we allow our minds to forget about ourselves physical, self-love can rule. And with self-love comes a glow that no product on earth can create!''

Shailene's unconventional advice has raised a few eyebrows in recent weeks, with previous admissions including eating clay to detox, shampooing once a month and washing her mouth out with olive oil.