Actor Danny Glover also joined in the protest, which drew more than 1,000 activists to the city on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, which kicked off on Monday (25Jul16).

Many of the demonstrators, including Shailene and Susan, had previously thrown their support behind former presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, and although his campaign has since come to an end, they have vowed to continue fighting for the climate change and environmental justice issues he championed.

Speaking at the rally, Sarandon declared, "Our commitment hasn't ended. This is not just about one election... We want real progressive politics and we want to say thank you to Bernie for igniting this spark. Now we're awake and we have to stay awake."

"This is a permanent revolution," Glover added, echoing Susan's sentiments. "This is not about this election. That's too small. That's not enough for us."

Divergent star Shailene also underlined the need to protest peacefully, so activists' voices could be heard without any acts of violence overshadowing the cause.

"If you show up with love and solidarity to those around you, that sparks great change," she said, according to The Associated Press.

The event, which also included a screening of the How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change documentary by Gasland filmmaker Josh Fox, was organised by officials at NextGen Climate, an environmental advocacy group based in San Francisco, California.

Sanders dropped out of the presidential race in June (16) and formally endorsed rival Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party's candidate for the White House earlier this month (Jul16). The former Secretary of State is expected to officially accept the nomination for president as the DNC comes to a close on Thursday (28Jul16).