Actress Shailene Woodley had to battle her fear of heights to scale one of the world's most famous ferris wheels in her new movie Divergent.

The Descendants star signed up to do many of her own stunts in the film and that included one terrifying sequence on the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel in Chicago, Illinois.

She tells Wenn, "I am afraid of heights and it was 20 degrees. It was freezing.

"I love adrenaline, so that got me going and I convinced myself that I'd be Ok because you're hooked up. We literally could've fallen off the side of it (ferris wheel) and been fine."

Woodley admits that whenever she looked down and became a little panicked, she stared at the moon to calm herself, adding, "We got to climb it (ferris wheel) during the full moon last year, and it was also a super moon, so that was really exciting for me. We got to watch the moon cascading across the sky as we were climbing up and down this ferris wheel. It was so beautiful."

The actress had to conquer her fear of heights again later in the shoot when she was required to zipline high above the Chicago streets for another scene.

She adds, "I did two blocks of Chicago streets and that was a scary, sweaty palm moment.

"My stunt double did the rest of the zip line scenes. She was maybe 50 stories up in the air going through five blocks of Chicago streets, going really, really fast."