Shaggy sees Sting as a ''big brother''.

The unlikely duo recently collaborated on their new album '44/876' and the 'It Wasn't Me' hitmaker has likened the 'Shape of My Heart' singer to an older sibling and a ''teacher''.

Sting said: ''We are both family men, married to strong women, we have lots of children, we care about our communities. We care about the world ... It's surprising how much in common our wives have. They do a very good job of keeping us in check. We know who the bosses are.''

Whilst Shaggy added: ''His kids are older than my kids. I've got two grown kids, but I've got little ones too, and it's a learning process for me, so I lean on him. He's like my bigger brother, teacher.''

The main aim of the pair's new album was for it to be ''timeless''.

Shaggy shared: ''We wanted it to be timeless. He's no stranger to making timeless music. I'm no stranger to making timeless music. We connected on that, on many things.''

With Sting adding to People magazine: ''It's a lot of sunshine on this record. I think we need sunshine at the moment. It's a lot of darkness around us politically and whatever. So this record is like springtime, saying things are going to get better, morning is coming.''

Meanwhile, Sting recently admitted he was put in a ''slightly uncomfortable'' place when him and Shaggy first started working on their joint record.

Sting confessed: ''We have very different creative processes. I'm very private and I don't reveal anything until I'm ready, it's anxiety I think. But this one [Shaggy] is such a spontaneous creator. He can make a song on the spot, in public, and doesn't mind making a mistake. He just does it! He invited me into that world. I was slightly uncomfortable but once we stood side-by-side at a microphone, I got into it.''