Rocker Jason Bittner has been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis after he was hospitalised with stomach pains.

The Shadows Fall drummer was admitted to a medical facility on Monday (29Oct12) and is facing more tests as doctors investigate the problem.

As a result, Bittner has pulled out of appearing at this week's (ends04Nov12) Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) in Austin, Texas, but he hopes to be fighting fit for the band's upcoming shows.

In a post on his page on Tuesday (30Oct12), he writes, "Due to my recent health issues, I am under doctors orders to cancel my trip to Austin this week to perform at PASIC 2012.

"For over a week, what I thought was a stomach bug (and I was still on tour when all of this started), I came home last week and went to the doctors, and it was written off as just that, a bug. This past Saturday, the pain came back and lingered into Sunday, which forced me into the emergency room yesterday.

"After a day in the hospital, I was poked, prodded, tested and it turns out I have acute pancreatitis, which I'm told can be very serious if left untreated. They're not sure what brought it on (my doctor thinks it was viral), but I have been told by my doctors to not leave this week because I need to (be) sent for more tests/Mri, etc., to make 100 (per cent) sure I'll be road ready for the second leg of the SHADOWS FALL tour, which starts November 8."