Sexy Beast star Ian McShane is urging film-makers to stop making soccer movies - because they're all dreadful. The British actor, whose father was a Manchester United star in the 1950s, has, himself, appeared in a soccer film - YESTERDAY'S HERO - but he insists movie stars shouldn't be allowed to play footballers on the big screen. He says, "(Yesterday's Hero) was written by Jackie Collins and based on the life of George Best. I used to drink with him in a club Jackie and her husband owned in London in the 1970s. "It (movie) was not bad, but football films don't work. To look like a professional soccer player is pretty impossible unless you are one." The DEADWOOD star, 63, accepts his film was lacking in places but it was far superior to one of the most famous footballing films, ESCAPE TO VICTORY, which starred Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine as soccer stars captured in World War Two. He laughs, "You had Sylvester Stallone playing a goalkeeper and Michael Caine as the most overfed prisoner of war I've ever seen."