Sex Pistols Glen Matlock Releases Personal Archives Of The 1996 Filthy Lucre Tour

Sex Pistols Glen Matlock Releases Personal Archives Of The 1996 Filthy Lucre Tour

Beautifully designed book complete with detailed account of the world tour plus unseen photographs & memorabilia to be released by Foruli Codex

Release date Monday 10th March 2014

Foreword written by Chad Smith of red hot chilli peppers

Independent book publisher Foruli Codex is inordinately pleased to announce the release of Glen Matlock's Sex Pistols Filthy Lucre Photofile on 10th March. Containing images of previously unseen photographs and memorabilia plus Matlock's detailed account of the groundbreaking 1996 Filthy Lucre tour, no other source gives such an insider's view of the comeback of one of history's most important bands. Encompassing 78 dates over six months, The Filthy Lucre tour visited all four corners of the globe - with the Sex Pistols courting controversy wherever they went. The beautifully designed colour paperback from Foruli Codex documents each stage of the journey, from the fractured beginnings between Matlock and lead singer Johnny Rotten, to the snubbing of Malcolm McClaren and turbulent relationship with the world's press.

Widely regarded as one of the most influential bands ever, the notorious Sex Pistols were responsible for initiating the punk movement in the 1970's and inspiring subsequent bands such as The Clash, Oasis and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Although their recording career was short-lived, their legacy will remain forever.
Glen Matlock, the original Pistols bass player, played with the band from 1975-1977 before being replaced with Sid Vicious. Responsible for legendary songs including 'Pretty Vacant', Matlock co-wrote much of the band's repertoire and it was Matlock who initiated their first-ever comeback tour after a hiatus of nearly 20 years. Although relationships within the band were sometimes strained, the 1996 Filthy Lucre world tour proved to be as significant as its predecessors. 
Glen Matlock's Sex Pistols Filthy Lucre Photofile gives fans an unprecedented look into the reformation of the infamous four through keepsakes, fantastic personal never-been-seen before photos and a comprehensive account of the tour, as well as laying to rest old histories of the band once and for all.
The colour paperback has been designed to a supreme standard by Andy Vella, designer and photographer for another seminal British band, The Cure.  Chad Smith of California rockers Red Hot Chilli Peppers cites the Pistols as one of his major musical influences and provides the foreword, describing the book as "hilarious, scary, thrilling and ugly, just like the band itself".
A very special limited edition version is available for pre-order priced at £150. The hand-finished box set will be signed by Matlock on bookplates made from recycled twenty pound notes and will come complete with an exclusively recorded four song Matlock solo record.

Glen Matlock commented, "The quality and production of Foruli books is high calibre stuff and they've really done justice to mine... so check it out!"