Former Sex Pistols frontman JOHNNY ROTTEN wants to perform to the people of Iraq, despite fearing they could stone him to death.

The hellraiser planned to fly to Iraq last year (04) in a bid to bring unite the war-torn nation - but abandoned the plan when the US government refused permission to perform for Iraqi citizens.

But Rotten, real name John Lydon, is furious at the suggestion Iraqis be denied a Sex Pistol extravaganza.

"He says, "That f**king war in Iraq, I mean it's scandalous.

"I offered to take the Sex Pistols to Iraq last year. The American government stepped in and that and went nuts. They tried to curtail it into just playing for the troops.

"I said I'd play for soldiers on air bases or military bases in their own country. To do that in Iraq you are literally creating the atmosphere of an invasion force and denying the Iraqis any access to you and I think that's an ugly, ugly scenario.

"I know they might hate me and stone me to death, but at least they have the choice."