X-RAY SPEX frontwoman POLY STYRENE fails to understand why she made punk her "home" in the 1970s, because she looks back on the era in disgust.

The feisty rocker - who blames her bizarre heritage for her punk leanings - was a leading protagonist of the anarchic music movement, but now she resents some of the offensive anti-religion lyrics of bands like the Sex Pistols.

She says, "My great grandfather was chief of British Somaliland and when the British left, all his people were murdered because they'd worked with the British. My father escaped as a stowaway on a navy ship.

"Although I always felt British, I felt spiritually different to everybody else. At first I thought punk was a home, but today I wonder how I could ever have liked (the Sex Pistols') ANARCHY IN THE UK. It says, 'I am the antichrist.'

"Now I think that's not a very nice lyric, but at the time we were swept away by it."

16/05/2005 17:07