Former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren is convinced police were wrong to charge punk legend Sid Vicious with the 1978 murder of his girlfriend NANCY SPUNGEN. Vicious was arrested in October 1978 after Spungen was found stabbed to death in their room at New York's famed Chelsea Hotel.
The Sex Pistols bass player was charged with her murder and released on bail - but died from a drug overdose before the case came to court.
And, speaking 30 years to the month since the rocker's death in February 1979, MCLaren insists Vicious was not guilty of the killing.
He believes Spungen was murdered by an unknown drug dealer after she caught someone stealing from the couple's hotel room.
MCLaren tells the Daily Beast website, "Did he kill Nancy?... I can say, definitely not... They said he was capable of anything. But to kill Nancy? I was stunned when I first heard this and I still can't believe it. Sid was capable of a wide range of self-destructive acts, but I didn't think that he could kill someone, especially his girlfriend, unless it was a botched double suicide.
"No! I don't believe Sid killed Nancy. She was his first and only love of his life. As everyone knows, you may argue with your first - he lost his virginity to Nancy - sometimes might want to beat their brains in, leave them, move on, and be with others - but you never get over them. No. Sid was the sucker. The stupid, clumsy fool that night at the Chelsea Hotel.
"He passed out on the bed, having taken fistfuls of Tuinal. All around him, drug dealers, friends of Nancy came and went from room 100. Money was stolen and Sid's knife was taken from the wall where it was hung and seemingly used by someone defending themselves in a struggle with Nancy.
"Nancy was no pushover. I tried having her kidnapped in London and put on a plane back to New York. Probably, she caught this person stealing money from the bedroom drawer.
"I was positive about Sid's innocence and acquittal."