LATEST: Former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren has dubbed U.K. reality TV show I'm a celebrity... GET ME OUT OF HERE! "a fix" - just hours after he quit the show. The 61-year-old pulled out of a planned appearance in the series on Sunday (11Nov07), which sees stars live rough in the Australian jungle for a fortnight. MCLaren insists the show misleads viewers with its portrayal of a dangerous environment - and believes I'm A Celebrity bosses have created a "fake" show. He says, "Their jungle is a glorified film set. The whole show is a circus. I had meetings with the producers and was shocked to hear I was never going to be in any danger in the jungle. There is nothing bad in there, they're hoodwinking the public. "It might have been a jungle once upon a time. Now everything is covered over and it's a film set. He adds, "I think they fix it and they know exactly who is going to win the show. It's all set up. They know who's gonna win and who's gonna lose. In my opinion, it's totally and utterly fixed. This is not a reality show, it's a fake one."