Former Sex Pistols svengali Malcolm McLaren is amazed John Lydon still hates him, and blames the star's move to America for destroying his "sense of humour". Lydon, also known as JOHNNY ROTTEN, and MCLaren have had a stormy relationship ever since 1976, the year the Sex Pistols were launched. But the music mogul is convinced his flame-haired protege has lost his sense of reality since retiring to Malibu, California, and believes Lydon would have loosened up if he still lived in London. He says, "Perhaps I'm surprised that John Lydon still feels that strongly about me after 30 years. Not to be smart-a**ed about it but, if you live in Malibu where he does, it's a place where rock stars go to die. "If you move there, you will lose your sense of humour and any sense of perspective. I'm not sure he would have the same opinion of me for 30 years if he'd stayed in London. "His problem is that he could never escape being Johnny Rotten because John Lydon was never interesting enough. Sad but true."