Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon was unable to mourn his former manager Malcolm McLaren because he'd used up all of his emotion on the death of his dad.
Lydon fell out with the svengali during the Pistols' heyday and they spent the last 30 years feuding with each other in interviews over copyright and royalties.
Despite their differences, Lydon - aka Johnny Rotten - admits he was sad to learn of MCLaren's death from cancer in April (10), but he found it difficult to mourn because he's still recovering from his father's fatal heart attack.
He tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "He's (MCLaren's) gone, God rest his soul. I don't wish death on anyone. I don't understand it and it always leaves me disappointed in life. But my dad died shortly before him and I had precious little emotion to spread Malcolm's way...
"My father's death last year really woke me up. It's a harsh reality being without two parents and I get to grips with that by performing live. It's a shame that it takes death to reaffirm my love of life. My dad instilled in me that you don't let the b**tards grind you down. So in a weird way he is still speaking to me. Most of it unfavourable, because that's the sort of relationship we had."