Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon has been banned from excessive swearing on the set of British reality TV show I'm a celebrity...GET ME OUT OF HERE.

The foul-mouthed rocker - aka JOHNNY ROTTEN - has been approached by television bosses, who are worried that he is likely to cause chaos with his colourful language. The NEVER MIND THE B****CKS star will be monitored closely by editing teams - who will be filming the celebrity antics in the Australian jungle from next Monday (26JAN04) and will cut any swearing out.

A source says, "John Lydon's reputation speaks for itself. It's a prime time family show, so all swearing will be cut out or bleeped, even during rows.

"It's part of the fun that our celebs are such sparkly characters, but we have warned them about swearing - although how far they will keep to the rules is anyone's guess."

21/01/2004 01:44