Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon has blasted contemporary punk bands, branding them "wannabes". The GOD SAVE THE QUEEN hitmaker - who recently criticised Californian rockers Green Day for being "plonk" copycats - says current punk groups have become ridiculous caricatures of the real thing. He says, "They're all a load of wannabes. "Rather then go two steps forward, they've gone two steps back. They're dragging us back to times that were really not hospitable. Extreme violence was the order of the day and if you looked out of place you'd get hammered, it was not about having a 'jolly good time'. "It's all very safe to run around in blue mohawks now but there were people then who had mohawks who knew what that f**king meant. "You had to earn your wings for that and not it's a fashion commodity."