Former Sex Pistols star John Lydon has threatened to take legal action against a former publicist who claims to have spat in the rocker's food after he was rude to her.

Chrissie Vincent-James, who worked for the Sex Pistols' American Virgin Records label, hit headlines this week (beg08Apr13) when she spoke out about a run-in with Lydon in the 1990s.

She told the Australian media the star swore at her, so she exacted revenge by spitting in his sushi, saying, "I introduced myself to him and he said, 'So? I don't give a s**t'. Now f**k off'. The hotel had sent up all this food but Lydon wanted sushi. He kept ranting 'I want f**king sushi'. He was being obnoxious to everyone. So I had to go and get him the sushi. And I spat in his sushi. And he ate it.''

The British rocker has now hit back at her claims, suggesting she should prepare for a legal battle over her story.

He says, "It's a criminal offence and it's disgusting. People call me the bad bunny in all this, while some woman is spitting in my food. This might be a legal matter. She needs to learn some manners. And then she might need to get a good lawyer.''

Vincent-James, who is based in Melbourne, went public with her story after Lydon was accused of being rude to an Australian Tv presenter this week (beg08Apr13).