Sex Pistols founder Malcolm McLaren felt obliged to contact Damien Hirst after learning the British artist had spent $160,000 (GBP80,000) on a collection of punk clothing - only to discover they were fakes.
Hirst splashed out on clothes he thought were from MCLaren's 1970s London store Sex + Seditionaries - which was co-owned by designer Vivienne Westwood - with the intention of displaying the garments in his museum.
But MCLaren noticed the punk fashions, which had reportedly been purchased from website owner Simon Easton, were imitations of his original designs.
And the music mogul decided to break the bad news to Hirst himself.
MCLaren tells the New York Daily News, "I felt terrible, but they were fakes.
"Seeing these clothes, I said, 'Wow, they've gone to great lengths to manufacture the labels, and distress the fabrics.' But clearly they were not the fabrics we used 35 years ago, and the stitching was totally different. And there were bags and bags, big black bags of them. We simply didn't make that many. I mean, we literally made these clothes on my kitchen floor. They were each unique."
After hearing the sad news, Hirst emailed MCLaren saying, "It's a shocking story."
However, Easton is standing by his sale, insisting "absolutely everything my clients have purchased (is) authentic. ...MCLaren actually had very little input in the design (of the clothes). ...He will rewrite history on a daily basis. ...(He) has less knowledge about these clothes than the people who collect them."