The movie adaptation of hit TV series Sex And The City could be in trouble, according to set insiders.

Plans for a film adaptation of Darren Star's HBO series were reportedly hampered by producers' inability to convince Kim Cattrall to reprise her role as the promiscuous Samantha and she's causing problems on set already, it has been claimed.

Clashes between Cattrall and the series' star Sarah Jessica Parker – who played the infuriatingly self-absorbed Carrie – were rumoured to be renowned during the show's six-season run and it would seem that old rivalries Die Hard.

Cattrall allegedly stormed out of a reunion party in New York restaurant Butter last week and an insider has revealed that the long-running feud continues.

Ironically, the latest clash surfaced over one of the show's most important themes: shoes.

"Kim wanted to wear a pair of red heels and picked them out from wardrobe especially, but then Sarah apparently swept in and took them, much to Kim's disgust," the inside source said.

Co-star Kristin Davis was forced to separate the pair after yet another row and producers are apparently worried that the arguments could lengthen production time.

However, both actresses won't let personal rivalries stand in the way of completing the movie, it seems.

"By the end of the TV series they could barely be civil to each other," the source admitted.

"But both women are top professionals and won't let this get in the way of their jobs. They know the Sex and the City movie is a huge money-spinner and a great way to wave goodbye to their characters, and each other, for good."

01/10/2007 16:10:50