LATEST: A script for the feature film version of Sex And The City is currently being written and could begin filming later this year (07) in New York City. The movie has been rumoured to be in the works since the hit TV series ended in 2004. Mario Cantone, who played CHARLOTTE's wedding planner ANTHONY on the series, confirms the show's screenwriter, director and executive producer, MICHAEL PATRICK KING, is working on the script. He tells Australian Associated Press, "I know the script is being written and I know it will be brilliant because Michael Patrick King is writing it. "I know that I'm in it. I have a nice part in it, I'm told. If it happens, we should film it in early fall I think, but I hope it stays on course, because I would love to do it." Cantone says the show's legions of fans are desperate for the feature film version, adding, "There are girls who come up to me in the street in tears and say, 'When's the Sex and the City movie happening?' "If you look at The Devil Wears Prada, it was such a big success, this would do even better. "Sex and the City has the audience and I think it's a good time to do it now, because enough time has passed since the series ended."