Sex And The City actress Sarah Jessica Parker has almost certainly undergone surgery to reshape her nose, according to a top cosmetic consultant.

Recent photos of the TV star indicate she's made a "subtle" change to her face, because the bump on the bridge of her nose appears to have been removed, according to British showbiz magazine HEAT.

British-based cosmetic expert JAN STANEK says, "It's almost impossible to say that Sarah Jessica hasn't had any work done. This looks like a classic choice that so many Hollywood stars opt for, something subtle in order not to attract too much attention.

"If you look at the sides of Sarah's nose, you can see that her bump looks like it's been reduced slightly and the end of her nose looks less bulbous.

"The procedure for doing this would be slightly simpler as all you need to do is shave some of the bone off the nose as opposed to reconstructing the entire thing."

27/08/2003 17:26