Sex And The City actor Willie Garson finds playing a camp gay character on the hit TV show can have a bearing on his real life romances.

Whilst Garson finds his appearances on the show can help break the ice with potential partners, many women feel let down when they discover he's not gay himself.

He says, "It's a great conversation starter, then you just have to get over the hurdle where you want to go out and enjoy activities other than shopping.

"After I've been talking to a woman for a while you can usually tell if they're disappointed or happy about my sexuality. Sadly, they're mostly disappointed!"

However, Garson has got a girlfriend at the moment - although he won't reveal any details about the lucky lady.

He confirms, "Yes, I'm dating at the moment and it's a woman - but that's all you're getting."

12/09/2003 17:22