Sex And The City star Willie Garson is a new dad after taking in an eight-year-old boy.
The actor has nearly finalised his official adoption of Nathan, who moved in with the star in February (09) after they met at an adoption fair in Los Angeles.
Garson was determined to adopt a toddler but changed his mind after meeting young Nathan.
He recalls, "(The fairs are) held in secret locations. It's like a pet fair - as horrifying as you can imagine. It was really hard. The 16-year-old fat ugly kid, who has probably been to thirty of these, knows he's not going to get adopted. Like everything else, cute wins. I couldn't believe my kid was actually available for adoption. He's so cute and sweet. "
Garson remains in touch with Nathan's biological mother, and insists she will be allowed visits: "For many reasons, she couldn't care for him, but I will never let her not see him."
The father-and-son duo will soon relocate to New York City where the 45 year old will begin filming on the Sex film sequel - and he can't wait for Nathan to see what his dad does for a living.
He jokes, "I think he's going to be freaked out when we go to New York, where (the SATC cast) are like the Yankees. We can't walk 20 feet without being mobbed."