It looks as if a movie adaptation of the massively popular US TV series Friends could soon be hitting cinema screens.

According to the Daily Mail, the cast feel compelled to reprise their roles after the recent success of the Sex And The City movie, despite David Schwimmer previously claiming he would rather not play Ross again.

Schwimmer will be joined by Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to begin filming "within the next 18 months", says an insider.

"Jennifer, Courteney and the rest of the cast are keen to reprise their roles, under the right circumstances," said a source.

"The box office success of Sex And The City has really got their wheels spinning about how a Friends film could be just as big, if done right."

However, it has also been suggested that Jennifer Aniston was initially not as keen as other cast members to return, but the source noted the "huge payday" may have changed her mind.

02/07/2008 12:21:10