Sex And The City's Kim Cattrall was reduced to a crying wreck after her co-stars refused to speak to her after she blabbed a secret about Cynthia Nixon during a script meeting a few years ago.

According to Britain's HEAT magazine, Cattrall horrified SARAH JESSICA PARKER, Kristin Davis and Nixon when she told the room the flame-haired actress had suffered a miscarriage and was trying to get pregnant again.

And, in a bid to demonstrate how disgusted they were by her behaviour, the trio refused to even talk to the blonde bombshell.

A source says, "It was so bad she basically sat in her dressing room - sometimes crying."

And relations between Cattrall and the trio barely improved following the incident. She has been publically criticised by Davis and co-star Willie Garson for pulling out of the planned Sex And The City film.

21/07/2004 21:33