Sex And The City star Kim Cattrall was worried when her character in the hit show was given a cancer storyline - because she feared writers were doling out a theoretical punishment.
The 51-year-old plays maneater Samantha Jones in the hit show and the character is famed for her rampant sexual appetite and her wild lifestyle.
And Cattrall feared that when the script saw Samantha suffering from breast cancer, it was the writers' way of punishing her for her risque life choices.
She says, "I was nervous at first because it felt like some kind of punishment. Any woman who can do what she wants and say what she wants and sleep with who she wants in society is punished. From medieval times she was stoned or they cut her throat, ex-communicated or banished and branded her as a whore. There's always been that throughout history, a woman must pay for that freedom.
"I felt that giving this character cancer could have taken on this connotation and I was kind of upset -- but the (writers) told me they were going to handle it in a unique way and script after script it just got better. And I was very grateful for that."