Sex And The City creator Candace Bushnell is being sued by her former manager CLIFFORD STREIT, who alleges the writer refused to pay him his percentage from monies earned on the hit TV show.

Streit yesterday (31MAY05) accused Bushnell of withholding his agreed payment for the SARAH JESSICA PARKER-starring series in New York's Manhattan Federal Court.

The aggrieved manager claims Bushnell paid him 10 per cent of the front-end payment of $100,000 (GBP55,000) from network HBO, but "refused to pay Streit his per cent of the episode fees".

Streit tells the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, "I feel badly about having to do this, but I broke my back for her. I'm just asking for what I'm owed."

Bushnell, who sacked Streit in 1999, is also charged for using parts of his script FASHION VICTIMS in her recent book FOUR BLONDES.

But the writer has rubbished the claims as "insane. This is pitiful and pathetic."

02/06/2005 02:24