Seth Rogen thought Tom Cruise was ''very sheltered'' when he introduced him to online pornography.

The 36-year-old actor had forgotten about his encounter with the 'Mission: Impossible' star until his friend, director Judd Apatow, recounted it to talk show host Stephen Colbert earlier this week and he admitted he found it ''crazy'' that the 56-year-old screen legend was so shocked by the revelation.

Seth told Vulture: ''I didn't remember that until I heard Judd tell that story.

''I obviously had no recollection of that, and then when I saw him tell it, I was like, 'Oh, yeah! I told Tom Cruise that internet pornography exists, and he didn't know.' Which is crazy!

''I probably was like, 'This is crazy you don't know this.' I mean, I can't remember -- it was like 12 years ago or something like that. I think generally my reaction was, 'You are a very sheltered man.' ''

While the 'Sausage Party' star may have forgotten about the pronography chat, he vividly recalled peeing in a bottle in his car to avoid embarrassment when he got to the house Tom shared with then-wife Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri.

He said: ''That day in Tom Cruise's driveway, I got to his house, and I had to pee so bad.

''I very vividly remember this, and he has a very long, winding driveway, and I didn't want to show up at his house and just pee right away, because I thought it would be an awkward thing.

''So as I was driving up his driveway, I stopped halfway through it and peed in a Snapple bottle I had in my car. And then sealed it up and finished the ride up the driveway, and greeted Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and his newborn baby, Suri.

''It also, contextually, was the weirdest time to be meeting Tom Cruise. It was like the weirdest frenzy -- it was like a couple weeks after the couch-jumping thing. So it was Peak Tom Cruise.''

Though the project they were meeting to discuss never came to fruition but Seth has had some brief exchanges with Tom since then - though not always positive, because the 'Knight and Day' star was unimpressed when an episode of 'Preacher' - which is produced by the 'Knocked Up' actor - saw a fictional version of the 'Jerry Maguire' star, leading a flock of people believed to be fellow Scientologist, explode and die after a supernatural being tried to bond with him.

Seth admitted: ''We blew him up on 'Preacher', and he didn't like that. There were some calls exchanged.''