Seth Rogen was so upset by a series of pranks his Neighbors castmates pulled on him he shot co-star Zac Efron in the shoulder.

Fortunately for fans of the High School Musical the violent moment was created for a new promotional video for the new movie.

In the skit, Efron persuades Rogen to pull pranks on castmates like Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as part of a hazing exercise, but they're all in on the joke.

When Rogen presents Mintz-Plasse with a cup of urine and attempts to persuade him it's a smoothie, Kick-Ass star throws it in the funnyman's face, and when Rogen tries to creep up on Franco as he plays brick game Jenga with a friend, the actor turns and slaps his co-star in the genitals.

Tired of the prank backlash, Rogen approaches his castmates as they play cards, takes a gun out and shoots Efron, prompting Franco to throw-up and Mintz-Plasse to scream, "That's not hazing, that's murder!"

The video ends with Rogen tossing the gun at a castmate, pointing into the camera and saying, "Go see Neighbors. May 9th."