Seth Rogen's 'Bad Neighbours' was originally supposed to be about a battle between ''several buddies'' and a frat party.

The 32-year-old actor hits the big screen in the comedy which follows him and his wife (Rose Byrne) as they move into a residential area before their lives are turned upside down when a frat party moves next door, which is drastically different to the original script.

He told ''It was originally much more about me and several of my buddies kind of messing with a frat. It wasn't really about me and my wife at all, she kind of had a much more traditional naggy wife, like almost the thing that we now make fun of in the movie- and the reason we make fun of it is because we ourselves fell into that trap in the first few incarnations of the script.''

Rogen's wife Lauren Miller read the script and pointed out certain issues which made him reconsider the film's details.

He added: ''And then we gave it to people the read, my wife read it, she was actually one of the ones who really pointed it out [laughs], like that's not how it would be.''