Seth Rogen, the 28-year-old American actor and star of 'Knocked Up', spoke to CONAN O BRIEN last night (8th November 2010) about proposing to his girlfriend Lauren Miller, comparing the moment he bought the engagement ring to acquiring a 'truckload of heroin', reports the Los Angeles Times.
Rogen had the honour of being O'Brien's first guest on his new late night talk show 'Conan', and despite having nothing in particular to promote, he entertained with the story of how he unconventionally proposed to Miller. Discussing the moment he bought the ring, Rogen said, "Literally, I felt like someone had given me like a truckload of heroin to hold onto", before adding, "I felt like the feds were going to kick in my door at any second". After not being able to contain himself any longer, Rogen eventually proposed to Miller while the couple were at home, he said, "She was in our closet changing, and she was literally only in her underpants, and her boobs were out. I'd already kind of started, and I was like 'Oh man, her boobs are out! That's not part of the plan!' I didn't picture it like this, and I know she didn't picture it like this".
O'Brien brought up Rogen's dramatic weight loss, but the actor played down his change of appearance, saying, "If Matthew Mcconaughey looked like this he'd murder himself, I can tell you that. He would literally kill himself. But for me, this is pretty awesome".