Seth Rogen says the crew on 'Neighbors' have been ''blithering like idiots'' doing baby talk to entertain the tiny tots on set.

The 31-year-old actor stars as husband and father Mac Radner - who is married to Kelly Radner (Rose Byrne) - and must deal with fraternity leader Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron) who lives near them in the comedy.

Rogen and Efron gushed over the ''great'' babies and revealed everyone was cooing around them while filming.

Rogen explained: ''The babies in this movie are great. The babies in this movie are actually like a commercial for babies worldwide.''

Efron added: ''They are amazing.''

Rogen chimed: ''Yeah. They're great babies. Like, they reduce everyone on set to blithering idiots. When they're on set, everyone's like [does some baby talk].''

Efron added: ''I've never seen reactions to babies like this.''

Rogen said: ''Yeah. They're hypnotising. It's incredible.''

The Canadian comedian - who married Lauren Miller in 2011 - understands how ''life-changing'' children are and hopes the movie reflects this.

Rogen told ''These babies have been good though. All the concerns and fears of our characters, that's where a lot of it was born: with conversations that me and the other producers were having.

''One of the reasons me and my wife don't wanna have kids is because we won't be able to go on vacations anymore, or hang out with our friends, or stay out late, or do the stuff we like to do. So, in a way, the movie reaffirms how life-changing having kids is, and how we're right for not having done that yet.''