Seth Rogen's mother ''talks about sex way too much''.

'The Guilt Trip' funnyman is renowned for cracking jokes about farting, belches, smoking marijuana and many other taboo subjects, but claims his mother is much worse.

He said: ''My mother's very embarrassing on a regular basis. She posts stuff on Facebook that's just humiliating. My mum was a hippy and she talks about sex way too much. I can't even say some of the s**t she comes out with. I think she thinks it's funny, but she's inappropriate at times. She'll say super-dirty stuff. Super-dirty.''

Seth also admits being around his parents makes him act like a ''d**k''.

He added to Nuts magazine: ''I have a good relationship with my mother, but when I'm around my parents I find myself reverting to a 13-year-old version of myself who doesn't want to be there. For no reason I'll find myself being really argumentative and short with my parents. And I'm aware I'm doing it. Your instinct is to rebel and I'll just act like a d**k.''