Seth Rogen is keen to renew his vows so he can have a party.

The 35-year-old actor has been married to fellow actor Lauren Miller since 2011, but the couple are up for having another celebration of their nuptials because they want to have a big bash.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine at the Hilarity for Charity event - which they set up - in Los Angeles, Seth said: ''Sure, I'd have another wedding. Yeah, that would be fun. Anything for a party.''

Lauren added: ''Renew our vows? Does that mean we can have another wedding?''

The 'Superbad' stars - who met while Seth was working on 'Da Ali G Show' in 2004 - established the Hilarity for Charity movement to inspire change and raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease, and Lauren feels ''lucky'' to have met someone who is equally as passionate about the cause.

She said: ''I just feel incredibly fortunate that when this diagnosis happened to my mom, and it affected my whole family, that Seth didn't run.

''He leaned in and really took care of me and listened to me and supported me and my entire family, and was just really amazing.

''When he came up with this idea, at the suggestion of a friend of ours, he just dove right in. This has grown in such an amazing way, I have a good one, I feel lucky.''

After meeting in 2004, Seth and Lauren had an eventful first date when they were involved in a car accident.

She previously said: ''Even our first date was exciting. We played mini golf and then got into a hit and run accident on the freeway.

''When I got out of the car I hugged him, I needed to hold on to something.''