Seth Rogen thinks Justin Timberlake is the ''better looking version'' of him.

The 35-year-old actor took to Twitter on Wednesday (17.05.17) to point out the resemblances between himself and the 'Can't Stop The Feeling' hitmaker, as he said Justin and his wife Jessica Biel are incredibly similar to himself and his wife Lauren Miller.

Posting a comparison of two candid shots of each couple, Seth wrote: ''Me and my wife have recently come to the unsettling realization that @jtimberlake and @JessicaBiel are the better looking version of us. (sic)''

And the comparison didn't go unnoticed by the pair, as Jessica - who has son Silas with the musician - responded to the 'Sausage Party' actor hoping he was ''flirting''.

Quoting Seth's tweet, Jessica joked: ''@Sethrogen are you flirting with us? WE HOPE SO. (sic)''

Seth then took to his account once again to reply: ''Always.''

Meanwhile, the 'Knocked Up' actor - who has also written movies including 'Superbad', 'Pineapple Express' and 'The Interview' - previously said he still feels like an ''outsider'' in Hollywood because comedies rarely receive nominations when award season rolls around.

Speaking in 2016, Seth said: ''Whenever awards season happens I sure feel like an outsider because no comedy ever gets nominated for any awards in any way, shape of form. There's a hierarchy in Hollywood and comedy's at the bottom of it.''

However, Seth was delighted when his good friend and 'Anchorman' director Adam McKay won a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar last year for 'The Big Short', calling it a ''step in the right direction''.

He said at the time: ''It's nice that Adam McKay won an Academy Award. That was like a huge step in the right direction, I think, and that movie ['The Big Short'] is actually really funny, but I for sure feel like an outsider in a lot of ways because yeah I don't get invited to those cool parties.''