Seth Rogen has heaped praise on his Neighbors co-star Zac Efron after the young actor bounced back from a broken hand to make sure filming was not upset by his injury.

The High School Musical star shattered his hand during a fight sequence with Dave Franco, who plays his best friend in the comedy, and tried to work through the pain.

Rogen tells The Hollywood Reporter, "It was amazing and really scary. I couldn't believe it. In the scene, he punches Dave and maybe hits the ground. He kept going for a while, and slowly his hand was getting very swollen. He had to have surgery.

"We were budgeting what it would cost and writing it into the (script). But he was back a day or two later. We didn't change our shooting schedule at all."

Rogen adds, "A lot of actors are looking at any opportunity to not do their very easy job. The fact that he instantly was willing to get surgery and go back to work was huge. It showed a very good character and a good work ethic, and I immensely appreciate that he was willing to do that because he could have derailed the movie."