Seth Rogen has no idea what his wedding will be like.

The 28-year-old actor will the knot with fiancee Lauren Miller later this year, but he admitted she has taken over the planning as she has always wanted to get married.

He said: "I'm around for it. My girlfriend has a very vested interest. I think she's been planning this for years. I'm the last piece of the puzzle. I'm excited. It's going to be lovely."

Despite his excitement at his upcoming nuptials, Seth - who lost weight to play the titular crime fighter in new movie 'The Green Hornet' - is not watching what he eats before his big day and has returned to his bad eating habits.

He admitted to E! Online: "Since finishing the movie, I've just been eating hamburgers for every meal of the day. Three hamburgers at each meal.

"It's terrible because I bought a bunch of clothes when I lost weight and now I don't fit in to any of them. So I wasted thousands of dollars on a bunch of s**t I'll never wear again."

Seth stars with Cameron Diaz, 38, in the new movie and he admitted he has had to ask his star-struck friends to stop taking pictures of the blonde beauty as she is the most famous person he has ever worked with.

He said: "I've been having to tell my friends not to just take pictures in her face. I've never worked with someone so famous before so none of my friends know how to react to it. It has been weird. But Cameron Diaz knows who I am, that's amazing."

Seth is delighted his pal James Franco has been asked to host this year's Oscars, but joked he was feeling left out.

He said: "Me and him presented an Oscar together a few years ago and now he's hosting them and I haven't even been asked back. That's all I've been thinking of since I heard."